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Curried Apple Pumpkin Soup

Today we tried a modified version of Apple Pumpkin soup by adding curry powder to it. Curry is simply Hoe’s favourite! Curry chicken, curry fish, curry katsu don and curry noodles count as some of Hoe’s irresistible cravings. Most recently, we found out that curry powder can also be added to Western soups which brings out a refreshing change to how curry is usually presented in dishes. Of course, you got to use it sparingly or it will just overwhelm your kitchen creations.

Ingredients: Curry powder, apple, pumpkin, onion, garlic, carrot, salt, pepper, ginger

This is the star of today’s creation. Simple and easy to manage, curry powder is a versatile spice to play around with your dishes. Adds a bit of spiciness to your dishes and you will find that just a small addition of it will strongly change the flavour and presentation of your whole dish.


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Growing Fresh Basil

In our enthusiasm to spice up our soups with home grown herbs, we grabbed a pot of basil. Hoping to make our soups just like those chefs you see in AFC, they usually pick fresh herbs from their kitchen top.

I remembered texting hoe the other day that the leaves were heading downwards and he excitedly replied “Saving private Basil!”. My man acted like a “gardener”? He invested in a packet of fertiliser, happily poured them into the pot and placed it at a sunny corner.

And Tadar~~~


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Apple Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soups are our latest infatuation and we just like to try out different variations to find out what’s the best combination. This time round, we used roasted pumpkins instead of boiling them to give the soup a slightly charred feel to it.

We like the sweet, soft taste of pumpkin. We made a more watery version this time round instead of the thick, creamy pumpkin soups at Cedele and Soup Spoon. It’s all a matter of personal taste but somehow the soup feels smoother and sweeter when it’s less thick and creamy.

Ingredients: Roasted Apple, roasted pumpkin, cream, salt, pepper, thyme

Apple creates depth in this soup by adding a sour aftertaste to it.

Personally, i prefer our Golden Pumpkin soup where it’s all just sweeeet tasting pumpkin power.


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French Onion Soup

We just like to order this when we’re at French restaurants but we find that there seems to be huge variations in style and standard for French onion soups. So we finally decided to make our own and that’s the best way to find out what makes it special. 🙂

Somehow we feel that it’s like 中西合拼. Why do we say that? Chinese soups tend to be clear with the presence of yummy ingredients and herbs. Whereas Western soups are usually presented as thick, milky soups that matches very well with bread.  French onion soup looks like a Chinese soup but is all Western inside. Dip in a slice of garlic bread and feel the bread melts in your mouth… It’s awesome.

Alternating between sweet and salty, a real treat for your palate. A superb appetizer to a wonderful dinner.

Ingredients: Onions, beef broth, milk, thyme, red wine, basil, pepper, butter

Of course, the main ingredient in this soup is onions. We added roasted caramelised onions to bring out the sweetness in the onions when they start to turn brown and soft.

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Moroccan Cauliflower Soup

This is one great example of an exotic soup! It doesn’t taste hot like chilli, but one sip of it and you will start to feel the dense, complex flavours of spices beneath it.

We’ve never really tasted Moroccan dishes before, but this combination of spices will resemble some Indian delicacies mainly because of the presence of ginger, cumin and curry powder. We feel that this will go well with naan or bread that will help accentuate the spicy characteristics of this exotic creation.

Ingredients: Cauliflower, carrot, thickening cream, cinnamon powder, cumin powder, pepper, ginger powder, curry powder, salt, onion, garlic, milk.

We added the basic elements of Moroccan spices to create a rich, thick and spicy flavour. The taste resembles somewhat like gobi masala(Indian spicy cauliflower dish).

Cinnamon is commonly used in desserts and it’s our 1st try with soups! To our surprise, it adds a dash of refreshing spicy sweetness to it. Lovely.

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Herbs and Spices

To make our own creative soup, we love to add a pinch of this or a dash of that. We’ve stocked our cupboard with basil, thymes, oregano, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, curry and garlic pepper. We’ll definitely continue to explore other herbs and spices along the way to enhance the flavour of our soup! By the way, I love cumin! It has this rich smoky fragrance that awakens my senses. Aromatic!  My guess is tumeric for hoe. He loves curry! 🙂

Start experimenting and create your exotic soup today!

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Shredded Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

I was on medical leave for the last 2 days and slept throughout most of the day. Doctor says it’s gastric flu though i don’t recall having any past troubles with it. Hopefully this is the first and the last encounter. Hope my boss don’t think I’m queuing for the Diablo 3 launch! Lol.

Bly specially prepared this soup for me knowing that I have very little appetite.

I really loved this soup, maybe I have a thing with sweetcorns, but this soup  can really stimulate my taste buds, allowing me to taste the natural sweetness in this heartwarming soup.

Ingredients: Shredded chicken, fresh sweetcorn, garlic, mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, onions, thickening cream, pepper.

Shredded chicken makes it easier to chew and creates a fuller soup. Every scoop of this soup you will be able to taste some of the wholesome  ingredients that make up this wonderful soup.


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