Shredded Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

16 May

I was on medical leave for the last 2 days and slept throughout most of the day. Doctor says it’s gastric flu though i don’t recall having any past troubles with it. Hopefully this is the first and the last encounter. Hope my boss don’t think I’m queuing for the Diablo 3 launch! Lol.

Bly specially prepared this soup for me knowing that I have very little appetite.

I really loved this soup, maybe I have a thing with sweetcorns, but this soup  can really stimulate my taste buds, allowing me to taste the natural sweetness in this heartwarming soup.

Ingredients: Shredded chicken, fresh sweetcorn, garlic, mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, onions, thickening cream, pepper.

Shredded chicken makes it easier to chew and creates a fuller soup. Every scoop of this soup you will be able to taste some of the wholesome  ingredients that make up this wonderful soup.


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