French Onion Soup

19 May

We just like to order this when we’re at French restaurants but we find that there seems to be huge variations in style and standard for French onion soups. So we finally decided to make our own and that’s the best way to find out what makes it special. 🙂

Somehow we feel that it’s like 中西合拼. Why do we say that? Chinese soups tend to be clear with the presence of yummy ingredients and herbs. Whereas Western soups are usually presented as thick, milky soups that matches very well with bread.  French onion soup looks like a Chinese soup but is all Western inside. Dip in a slice of garlic bread and feel the bread melts in your mouth… It’s awesome.

Alternating between sweet and salty, a real treat for your palate. A superb appetizer to a wonderful dinner.

Ingredients: Onions, beef broth, milk, thyme, red wine, basil, pepper, butter

Of course, the main ingredient in this soup is onions. We added roasted caramelised onions to bring out the sweetness in the onions when they start to turn brown and soft.

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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Beef-based, Recipes


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