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Apple Ginseng Chicken Soup

Bly made this soup for me on a weekday night. Hats off to my dear wife who’s really able to put together a good combination of ingredients for any type of soup. ūüôā

Apple is one of the main ingredients in soup that i appreciate a lot as I have fond memories of the Apple soup mum made for me when I was still staying with my parents before I got married. Mushrooms and pumpkins are what we have been using for most of the past entries as the main theme. Apple and corn are actually my own favourite star ingredients and Bly was happy to put them into soup recipes and make them for my indulgence.


Ingredients: Apple, chicken, barley, red dates, shredded carrots, shredded potatoes, ginseng, salt.

Undoubtedly, apple is the soul of this clear soup which gives it a distinctive mellow sweetness. Clear soups like this are really thirst quenchers. I always have the compulsion of gulping the whole bowl of soup. However, a piping hot soup ensures I obediently prevent myself from burning my throat by using a spoon instead.


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Chicken Chowder

Chicken is one of the most versatile ingredient you can use in soups. Works out great in most combinations!

This time round we used what’s left in our fridge to make this soup. I would say it has a strong home-made feel to it. The kind of comfort, thick¬†hot soup you would slurp on a cold night. (Unfortunately, we¬†are in Singapore and hoe has been complaining about the scorching sun for the longest time!)

Ingredients: Pan-fried marinated chicken, carrot, potato, milk, corn, garlic, basil,onion, salt, pepper, organic chicken stock

The pan-fried marinated chicken is definitely much more appetizing as compared to just boiling it. Try to achieve a full-flavoured chicken cubes by marinating them overnight. 

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Creamy mushroom soup

It wasn’t easy to prepare this soup because my head was spinning like a whirlpool. We went to the beerfest with NekiQ and hoe peacefully entered his slumberland the moment we stepped into our home.¬†:p Well, it’s a 1 “woman” show.


We tasted 15 different types of beer and drunkenly set our target to 21 for 2013! By the way, hoe insisted on finishing all the beer and that’s why he…


was flying sky-high!

Alright, back to the soup. We tried something different this time round. Instead of blending the mushrooms, we added sliced mushrooms to the creamy soup base.


Ingredients: Shitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, organic chicken stock, milk, flour, salt, pepper, thyme

Organic chicken stock can serve as a quick fix if you are planning to ready your dinner in 30 mins. Go for a healthier choice, choose a low sodium organic stock when possible.

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Saturday Break @ Cedele

Took a break from our soup routine and spent the Saturday night at Cedele!

This is our current favourite restaurant for a hearty meal as it’s got a wide range of healthy and tasty sandwiches, burgers and pastas to choose from. Bly was simply ecstatic when the outlet opened at The Rail Mall last year.

It’s interesting how they manage to add an Asian twist to the menus. I had this interesting Laksa spaghetti which was really yummy and addictive. It’s funny because I can’t really take very spicy stuff but¬†I just love laksas and curries.

And here’s Bly ham and cheese burger. Looks delicious isn’t it?

Bly simply cheers in agreement!

Of course, since we are soup lovers, can’t possibly miss¬†out on them¬†during our dine-out dinners as well.¬†We tried Cedele’s beef stew this time. Perhaps this is not really considered a soup, but yes we enjoyed¬†all the ingredients packed in this flavourful bowl.¬†The beef cubes¬†were cooked just nice. Real¬†tender and juicy.

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Cream of Roasted Asparagus

We wanted less carbs on a lazy Sunday so instead¬†of many starchy potatoes, we cheated by adding cauliflowers. We did our 1st¬†tasting and Hoe didn’t really like the 3 in 1 sip. Somehow he said that there was a lack of “WoW” factor. I couldn’t agree more, so¬†we made a 2nd trip to the¬†supermarket and picked up another packet of organic asparagus.

Roasting the 2nd batch of organic asparagus…

Presenting the beautiful and elegant asparagus soup! Just a mouthful and we were able to munch on the crunchy bits of asparagus.

Ingredients: Roasted organic asparagus, baked potatoes, baked cauliflowers, salt, pepper, thyme, onion, garlic, milk, lemon.

We used cauliflowers to replace the carbs from potatoes to make this a low-carb option for soup lovers. This substitution “trick” is definitely worth trying for a rich¬†yet¬†guilt-free soup!

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Cream of Portobello

We hosted Bly’s friends for dinner and wow….they finished all the food!


We were cracking our brains to see what else we can cook for them as we don’t want them to go home feeling hungry after having dinner at our place.

Today we made them a dedicated mushroom soup: cream of Portobello. As the name reveals, we only included portobello mushrooms to have the distinct earthly mushroom flavour. To our surprise, we did not find the mushroom base that much different from the previous mushroom soup (except for the garlic specialty of course) that we made.Hence we think it’s much better to have a mixture of mushrooms(willows, shiitake, portobellos etc) which will be cheaper to make yet still have the similar taste.

Ingredients: Portobello mushrooms, cream, flour, thyme, onions, garlic, milk, salt, pepper.

Flour thickens the soup to basically create a thick texture commonly found in Western soup. It does not enhance any flavour, be careful when you are adding this as just a teaspoon or 2 is typically enough for soup fit for 4 persons. Too much flour and your soup ends up cakey and powdery.

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