Apple Ginseng Chicken Soup

27 Jun

Bly made this soup for me on a weekday night. Hats off to my dear wife who’s really able to put together a good combination of ingredients for any type of soup. 🙂

Apple is one of the main ingredients in soup that i appreciate a lot as I have fond memories of the Apple soup mum made for me when I was still staying with my parents before I got married. Mushrooms and pumpkins are what we have been using for most of the past entries as the main theme. Apple and corn are actually my own favourite star ingredients and Bly was happy to put them into soup recipes and make them for my indulgence.


Ingredients: Apple, chicken, barley, red dates, shredded carrots, shredded potatoes, ginseng, salt.

Undoubtedly, apple is the soul of this clear soup which gives it a distinctive mellow sweetness. Clear soups like this are really thirst quenchers. I always have the compulsion of gulping the whole bowl of soup. However, a piping hot soup ensures I obediently prevent myself from burning my throat by using a spoon instead.


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