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Potato Cheese Soup-To Ah Yang with Love

Ah Yang, this entry is dedicated to you!

We hope this is a recipe you can enjoy in Scotland and think of us! Lol.

We can imagine you enjoying this soup with a few slices of toasted bread while studying in your residence during one of the cold, cold European nights. Hoe suggested some Irish stout to make it a more complete experience. 🙂

Potatoes alone might be abit too bland. That’s why we added cheese and curry powder to excite the taste bud.

Ingredients: Potatoes, cheese, cauliflower, curry powder, milk, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, butter

We blended 1 large potato using our food blender and cut the other potato into small cubes to add into the soup. The soup feels much better when you have some potatoes to crunch on and enjoy.

In order to lower the total calorie count for this soup, we cheated by adding cauliflowers so as to replace some of the high carbohydrate potatoes.

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Steamboat with pork bone broth

We had a blast on Saturday night with Yibin, Katie, Aw and Caifeng coming over for a steamboat dinner. It’s good catching up with friends, reminiscing about some of the silly stuff we did 10 years ago. Trust me, steamboat is really a great way to catch up as you take your time to cook your favourite food in the hot pot.

Of course, a bit of booze will help to loosen the tongues and make for a more lively conversation. Erhm, yeah a little bit of booze. Lol.

Our friends were really hungry souls. They must have worked so hard during the weekdays. We finished up all the food and beer! Not even the pork bone broth Bly used to make the soup base was spared. 🙂

Ingredients: Pork bone, garlic, red dates, carrots, onion, apple, barley, salt

Our friends felt our broth was sweet. Apple was 1 of the uncommon ingredient we used. The broth just taste better with different layers of flavours after we added on each round of fresh ingredients into the steamboat. 


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Chinese Style Clear Corn Soup

I just love corn soups!

Maybe i had a lot of this when i was growing up. There’s a strong nostalgic feeling which reminds me of home whenever I drink Chinese style clear soups. I wonder if other Cantonese are a sucker for homemade soups like myself. Happy to be one though. 🙂

Bly used our cooking aid to prepare this soup just before she goes off to work. Our cooking aid is excellent! You basically just have to boil the ingredients for 15-20 minutes before you leave it to brew for the next 5-8 hours. And the most amazing thing is, no electricity is used! Our cooking aid definitely deserve a post of its own in the next entry.

Ingredients: Corn, carrots, tomatoes, chicken, red dates, ginseng, salt.

One look at the picture and you will see the main ingredients present. Corn is the star in this soup whereas the tomatoes and carrots play a supporting role by helping to enhance the sweetness.

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Grilled Capsicum Beetroot Soup

Hoe randomly picked up an organic beetroot today and yes! I enjoy experimenting new ingredients. 🙂

While he was keeping his fingers busy on his mobile phone searching for a perfect way to manage the beetroot, I was keeping my eyes on the beetroot, thinking of a perfect soup to wash away the “sand-like” feeling on my tongue.

Right. I’m an arrogant chef. And today, I requested for some private time in the kitchen. Yup. All by myself.

I made a yummy mushroom overload burger and a thirst-quenching soup for dinner to separate our tongues from the roof of our mouths. Hey! Did I just say yummy? :p

Ingredients: Grilled red and yellow capsicum, beetroot, onion, garlic, carrot, tomatoes, salt, thyme, milk, cream.

Beetroot is rich in antioxidants and imparts the soup with a deep crimson red colour. Apart from the popular ABC (apple, beetroot, carrot) fruit juice, we found this vegetable great in soups as well!

Beetroot is refreshingly sweet with an earthy aftertaste. To our pleasant surprise, it went perfectly well with capsicum in complementing the sweetness in this vegetable soup. Hello beetroot! We will definitely make you a common ingredient in our future recipes!

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Dinner at Galbiati Gourmet Deli

We had dinner at Galbiati Gourmet Deli located @The Rail Mall. This is really a nice, cosy Italian restaurant in a quiet area on Upper Bukit Timah Road. It has an outdoor dining area which is only available on weekends. This area is relatively quiet on weekdays, but weekends can be quite crowded during dinner time with the attractive free parking at The Rail Mall.

Everything in Galbiati Gourmet Deli is homemade. Yes this is what the deli stands by and we must you can really feel the difference in taste and quality just by the homemade breads (freshly baked ciabatta, focaccia and other exotic Italian variants. Eg. ciabatta with tomato)

We had these 2 main dishes: squid ink crabmeat pasta and stuffed chicken with mushrooms. The squid ink pasta tastes succulent and is an excellent match with the crabmeat gravy. A positive experience compared to the expensive squid ink pasta we had at a Spanish restaurant which was just too dry for me.

Bly had stuffed chicken with mushrooms that comes with the juicy and crunchy broccolis. It’s funny but I was really impressed by the crunchiness of the broccolis. The stuffed chicken is soft and easy on the palate, reminds me of the stuffed turkey that’s available during Christmas period.

Overall, this is a place we like and will definitely return for more visits. You will get the warm feeling of being in an authentic Italian restaurant when you dine here. Excellent food and service for a decent price. Try it!

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Honey Cherry Tomato Soup

In case you are wondering if we are dieting and just having soup for dinner, this post will help clarify your doubts! We aim to have a nourishing and nutritious meal every time(especially when we are cooking at home) and so this time I’m having steak while Bly has white fish to go with our honey cherry tomato soup! Got to admit, I’m  quite a meat lover. 🙂

Ingredients: Honey cherry tomatoes, basil, onion, milk, salt, pepper.

As you can see from the picture, we’ve made this version of tomato soup slightly more watery. We wanted to create a recipe that’s much more thirst-quenching to complement our dinner.

You’ve really got to try making tomato soup using honey cherry tomatoes. In terms of price, honey cherry tomatoes definitely cost a bit more than the local tomatoes. In terms of taste, we do find that there is a difference in sweetness between the 2. Honey cherry tomatoes are just outright sweet while for local tomatoes, it’s a sweet aftertaste emerging from the initial sour taste. 



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Brunch at Hatched, Holland Village

Weekends are the times at which we tend to sleep a little longer and have brunch at our usual joints. This time round, we decided to try out Hatched at Holland Village!

Hatched is really the right and catchy name for an egg-themed restaurant. It is definitely a place for egg lovers as most of the food items on the menu consist of eggs as the main ingredient. We were mainly attracted by the novelty concept of having brunch in this restaurant with egg decor.

If you are having dinner at Hatched, be prepared to spend more in order to leave feeling satisfied. The portions of the main signature ala carte dishes like Sir Benedict is just not enough to fill a hungry stomach.

Indeed, Hatched has an interesting concept with all-day breakfast. But prices might be a little on the high side and it does get crowded on weekends. We’ve spent $50 on our Sunday brunch(without feeling full). We were expecting better quality of food for the price we are paying, quite frankly, not at this place.

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