Cream of Leek Soup

01 Jul

We wanted to experiment leek as our main ingredient. If you search the Internet, you will find “Potato and Leek Soup” as the most popular leek soup. Well we are not as impressed by the high calories content of potatoes and so we opted to do a pure leek soup instead.

Leek has a mild onion-like taste. This is the first time we are using leek as an ingredient, so we were careful in experimenting with it in order to preserve the main characteristic of leek in the soup.

Ingredients: Roasted leek, onion, milk, flour, organic vegetable stock , salt, pepper, thyme.

We roasted the leeks to enhance the flavour. Leek has a taste similar to onions, so be careful not to add too much of it or you might end up with the overwhelming leek flavour, stinging your taste buds.

We have both concluded we would probably not use this recipe again. Wouldn’t say it taste bad, just that it doesn’t feel outstanding or memorable enough for us to do it again.

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