Honey Cherry Tomato Soup

07 Jul

In case you are wondering if we are dieting and just having soup for dinner, this post will help clarify your doubts! We aim to have a nourishing and nutritious meal every time(especially when we are cooking at home) and so this time I’m having steak while Bly has white fish to go with our honey cherry tomato soup! Got to admit, I’m  quite a meat lover. 🙂

Ingredients: Honey cherry tomatoes, basil, onion, milk, salt, pepper.

As you can see from the picture, we’ve made this version of tomato soup slightly more watery. We wanted to create a recipe that’s much more thirst-quenching to complement our dinner.

You’ve really got to try making tomato soup using honey cherry tomatoes. In terms of price, honey cherry tomatoes definitely cost a bit more than the local tomatoes. In terms of taste, we do find that there is a difference in sweetness between the 2. Honey cherry tomatoes are just outright sweet while for local tomatoes, it’s a sweet aftertaste emerging from the initial sour taste. 



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