Steamboat with pork bone broth

22 Jul

We had a blast on Saturday night with Yibin, Katie, Aw and Caifeng coming over for a steamboat dinner. It’s good catching up with friends, reminiscing about some of the silly stuff we did 10 years ago. Trust me, steamboat is really a great way to catch up as you take your time to cook your favourite food in the hot pot.

Of course, a bit of booze will help to loosen the tongues and make for a more lively conversation. Erhm, yeah a little bit of booze. Lol.

Our friends were really hungry souls. They must have worked so hard during the weekdays. We finished up all the food and beer! Not even the pork bone broth Bly used to make the soup base was spared. 🙂

Ingredients: Pork bone, garlic, red dates, carrots, onion, apple, barley, salt

Our friends felt our broth was sweet. Apple was 1 of the uncommon ingredient we used. The broth just taste better with different layers of flavours after we added on each round of fresh ingredients into the steamboat. 


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