Pumpkin Overload Soup

12 Aug

This is definitely one of our best pumpkin recipe to-date!

You might not be able to feel the difference if you are just comparing the pictures of the various pumpkin soups that we’ve made over the past few months. But one sip of this soup and you will understand why we decide to name this as Pumpkin Overload.

It was Bly’s brilliant idea of sauteing the sliced pumpkins in olive oil instead of boiling to soften them this time round. What a difference it made to the overall taste by this simple move. The whole purpose of this is to retain the rich flavour of the pumpkins instead of allowing it to lose its flavour in the boil.

Ingredients: sautéed pumpkins, chilli padi, onions, garlics, milk, olive oil.

See the little red dots in the soup? They add a sparkle to the sea of golden yellow. As you can see from the picture,  we’ve also deliberately made the soup with a thick texture this time round.

Besides colour, the 2 chilli padi also added a powerful kick to spice up this soup on top of the natural sweetness of the sautéed pumpkins.

This soup tastes exceptionally good when it’s piping hot and spicy. The entire experience starts to dampen a bit when the soup cools down in our nice little Franc Franc bowls. I guess the next thing we will shop for are thermal bowls to keep our soups extra hot! Otherwise, we have a tendency to rush through our soup. 🙂

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