Mexican Vegetarian Kidney Bean Soup

16 Sep

Before recommending our new creation, let us introduce you to our lovely nephew, Utt!!!

Hello world!

Well, sis calls Utt a little monster because he managed to turn all adults into zombies. Good luck to the couple & our parents! 🙂

Back to the topic!

This morning we went to a buddhist centre for classes. We are practising vegetarianism on the days we make offerings. (It’s not a must for buddhist) Well, perhaps another day for Buddha’s teaching.

As compared to the usual suite of vegetarian food we normally cook at home, this soup is definitely a refreshing change. Kudos to our dear friend, Xin, who gave us the inspiration!

Highly nutritious, this thick soup went well with warm tortilla. Hoe is pleasantly surprised to have a taste of Mexican food in the comforts of our home. Scoop a big spoonful of ingredients and hide it in the wrap and yummy, you’ve gotten a vegan burritos! We enjoyed it with a bowl of yogurt & melted cheese. Slurp~

Ingredients: 1 can organic kidney beans, 1 onion, 3 garlic, 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 red capsicum, 1 carrot, 1 zucchini, 50g fresh corn, 50g green pea, 1 red chili, 1 green chili, salt, black pepper, cumin. (We blended 2/3 of kidney beans + 1/2 onions + 3 garlic + 1/2 carrot to achieve a thick base)

These tiny kidneys are excellent for our hearts and digestive health. We will be sure to continue our creations and bring our soup to new heights!

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One response to “Mexican Vegetarian Kidney Bean Soup

  1. trialsinfood

    September 16, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    cute nephew you’ve got there! and the soup looks great!


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