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Energy saving thermal cooker

On the days that I’ve to work super duper late, I’ll wake up earlier than usual to prepare an all-in soup dish for hoe. Bring the soup to boil for approx 15mins and allow it to slow cook in the insulated cooker for the rest of the day. By the time he comes back from work, a mouthwatering dinner awaits!

Despite being a full-time worker, I’m really enjoying the comforts of home cooking on a weekday with this perfect kitchen aid.



Treat your man with a home-cooked meal, it surely injects a heavy dose of happiness to your married life. 🙂

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Cooking Buddy

Hoe suggested to introduce our chief assistant. It was a gift to Hoe last Christmas. Indeed, it has lighten our pureeing process. Simply manipulate the ingredients by placing them in the goblet of this speedy full-blown blender, at the press of the black button, you will get a smooth and uniform texture.

10 seconds later…

Yea, we are truly convinced that a lazy cook should always have a blender by his/her side.

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New Soup Bowls

We got ourselves a set of new soup bowls from Francfranc @JCube. We can now sip soup from the comforts of our sofa while watching Game of Thrones on HBO!

Bly says these seem to work best for minestrone soup. I just like the small little handle and the authentic wooden spoon that comes with it. Gonna test this out this weekend!


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