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Lotus Root with Barley Soup

I love this Chinese soup and Lotus Root Soup is the signature soup my mum makes for the family almost like clockwork every forthnight. Bly is always very innovative and in my opinion, have created a better version of this homely soup by adding barley as a key ingredient.

Indeed, this soup never fails to remind me of the comforts of home and stirs up the nostalgic feelings. I like the crunchy taste of the lotus root as well as eating the pork ribs with sliced red chili and soy sauce. Simple, yet it tastes so good… 🙂

Ingredients: Lotus root, barley, carrot, pork ribs, red dates, salt.

Barley adds an extra layer of sweetness to this clear soup. It also presents you with an opportunity to have an extra ingredient to munch on besides the lotus roots while slurping on this soup.

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Bak Kut Teh Soup

Bly woke up early just to prepare this soup for me!  She put it in the thermal warmer before hastily leaving off for work in the morning.

I reached home to heat up the soup in the evening and wow! The strong aroma of the soup fills the kitchen air and spreads to the living room like wildfire!

I feel blessed to have a capable wife who really knows how to cook, loves to cook and makes the effort to do so. In this modern age where we are sucked in to the rat race, having a simple home-cooked meal allows me to enjoy the simple bliss of married life. Yes even though I’m sipping soup alone at night in front of the television because Bly was working overtime, it warms my heart to know she’s the one who walked the extra mile to make this possible for me.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I truly understand the meaning now. 🙂

Now back to the Bak Kut Teh soup.

This is a real Chinese delicacy! At few months ago, we were craving for this and heading to Balestier Road to try out the different Bak Kut Teh restaurants that’s located along the street. How does the one Bly prepared for me compare to the them? I would say I like Bly’s best. Cos she really knows what is the kind of taste i like. 🙂

Ingredients? I don’t know what she put to make the aromatic soup, but I just like the prime ribs and the garlics. I ate all of the garlics!


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Steamboat with pork bone broth

We had a blast on Saturday night with Yibin, Katie, Aw and Caifeng coming over for a steamboat dinner. It’s good catching up with friends, reminiscing about some of the silly stuff we did 10 years ago. Trust me, steamboat is really a great way to catch up as you take your time to cook your favourite food in the hot pot.

Of course, a bit of booze will help to loosen the tongues and make for a more lively conversation. Erhm, yeah a little bit of booze. Lol.

Our friends were really hungry souls. They must have worked so hard during the weekdays. We finished up all the food and beer! Not even the pork bone broth Bly used to make the soup base was spared. 🙂

Ingredients: Pork bone, garlic, red dates, carrots, onion, apple, barley, salt

Our friends felt our broth was sweet. Apple was 1 of the uncommon ingredient we used. The broth just taste better with different layers of flavours after we added on each round of fresh ingredients into the steamboat. 


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Chinese Style Clear Corn Soup

I just love corn soups!

Maybe i had a lot of this when i was growing up. There’s a strong nostalgic feeling which reminds me of home whenever I drink Chinese style clear soups. I wonder if other Cantonese are a sucker for homemade soups like myself. Happy to be one though. 🙂

Bly used our cooking aid to prepare this soup just before she goes off to work. Our cooking aid is excellent! You basically just have to boil the ingredients for 15-20 minutes before you leave it to brew for the next 5-8 hours. And the most amazing thing is, no electricity is used! Our cooking aid definitely deserve a post of its own in the next entry.

Ingredients: Corn, carrots, tomatoes, chicken, red dates, ginseng, salt.

One look at the picture and you will see the main ingredients present. Corn is the star in this soup whereas the tomatoes and carrots play a supporting role by helping to enhance the sweetness.

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Apple Ginseng Chicken Soup

Bly made this soup for me on a weekday night. Hats off to my dear wife who’s really able to put together a good combination of ingredients for any type of soup. 🙂

Apple is one of the main ingredients in soup that i appreciate a lot as I have fond memories of the Apple soup mum made for me when I was still staying with my parents before I got married. Mushrooms and pumpkins are what we have been using for most of the past entries as the main theme. Apple and corn are actually my own favourite star ingredients and Bly was happy to put them into soup recipes and make them for my indulgence.


Ingredients: Apple, chicken, barley, red dates, shredded carrots, shredded potatoes, ginseng, salt.

Undoubtedly, apple is the soul of this clear soup which gives it a distinctive mellow sweetness. Clear soups like this are really thirst quenchers. I always have the compulsion of gulping the whole bowl of soup. However, a piping hot soup ensures I obediently prevent myself from burning my throat by using a spoon instead.


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Shredded Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

I was on medical leave for the last 2 days and slept throughout most of the day. Doctor says it’s gastric flu though i don’t recall having any past troubles with it. Hopefully this is the first and the last encounter. Hope my boss don’t think I’m queuing for the Diablo 3 launch! Lol.

Bly specially prepared this soup for me knowing that I have very little appetite.

I really loved this soup, maybe I have a thing with sweetcorns, but this soup  can really stimulate my taste buds, allowing me to taste the natural sweetness in this heartwarming soup.

Ingredients: Shredded chicken, fresh sweetcorn, garlic, mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, onions, thickening cream, pepper.

Shredded chicken makes it easier to chew and creates a fuller soup. Every scoop of this soup you will be able to taste some of the wholesome  ingredients that make up this wonderful soup.


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