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Soupery, Four Seasons, Sunny Choice

We read about “Soupery” in a magazine recently and decided to make the trip down to taste their healthy soups on a lazy Sunday.


Great World City (Food Court), #B1-16/17

Wild mushroom soup ($6.90)

Guinness Beef Stew ($6.90)

If you like your soup to be light and creamless, you’ll probably enjoy the soup here. We prefer slightly thicker beef stew and creamier mushroom soup. We thought it would be a little better if they could be more generous with the beef cubes (We only managed to scoop 5 tiny bits from the bowl of soup).

Four Seasons Organic Market

Great World City #B2-06/07

A great hunting ground for organic lovers!

Organic supplements, organic condiments, organic tibits, organic bread and everything organic!

Organic Baby Food

Organic Frozen Food

Organic Fruits and Veg

Bly just love the beautiful murals in Great World City’s toilets.


It was World Vegetarian Day on 1st Oct, we started our meatless day at a nearby vegetarian cafe. ūüôā

Sunny Choice

The Rail Mall, 434 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Hoe with thunder tea rice

Bly’s bibimbap

Sunny Choice is a nice place for a quick satisfying meat-free meal. Their food is not super stimulating for taste buds but you’ll definitely rejoice in the nourishing and guilt free dishes (Like home-cooking). We’ve also tried the hakka yam abacus, bak kut teh, tahu goreng and pumpkin soup (Quite yummy and we like the way they present their food.

End off with our home made smiley organic potato salad with melted cheese!

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Chicken Ragout!

This has consistently featured on Soup Spoon’s menu and it’s one of our favourite yummy soup¬†whenever we visit the restaurant. We’ve always been impressed with the success of Soup Spoon.¬†It has elevated the Singapore soup culture to a whole new level ever since it stormed into the food scene. With its consistent core menu and the occasional¬†odd new quirky soup recipes, you just can’t get enough of Soup Spoon.

Chicken ragout is actually quite easy to recreate on your own. Hoe can do it, so can you!

Ingredients: diced potatoes, carrots, cucumber, green capsicum, onion, garlic, tomato puree, mushrooms, milk, organic chicken stock, chicken, 2 teaspoon of olive oil, salt, flour.

Even though the main star in this soup is chicken but if you look through the ingredient list above, you will find a wide range of vegetables in this soup which makes it a real healthy soup. You basically can just have this soup with rice/bread and it will be a satisfying complete meal for the day.

Hoe is a sucker for potatoes and he just enjoys biting on the potato cubes. A great alternative to enjoying potatoes besides french fries and curry chicken with potatoes. ūüôā


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Dinner at Galbiati Gourmet Deli

We had dinner at Galbiati Gourmet Deli located @The Rail Mall. This is really a nice, cosy Italian restaurant in a quiet area on Upper Bukit Timah Road. It has an outdoor dining area which is only available on weekends. This area is relatively quiet on weekdays, but weekends can be quite crowded during dinner time with the attractive free parking at The Rail Mall.

Everything in Galbiati Gourmet Deli is homemade. Yes this is what the deli stands by and we must you can really feel the difference in taste and quality just by the homemade breads (freshly baked ciabatta, focaccia and other exotic Italian variants. Eg. ciabatta with tomato)

We had these 2 main dishes: squid ink crabmeat pasta and stuffed chicken with mushrooms. The squid ink pasta tastes succulent and is an excellent match with the crabmeat gravy. A positive experience compared to the expensive squid ink pasta we had at a Spanish restaurant which was just too dry for me.

Bly had stuffed chicken with mushrooms that comes with the juicy and crunchy broccolis. It’s funny but I was really impressed by the crunchiness¬†of the broccolis. The stuffed chicken is soft and easy on the palate, reminds me of the stuffed turkey that’s available during Christmas period.

Overall, this is a place we like and will definitely return for more visits. You will get the warm feeling of being in an authentic Italian restaurant when you dine here. Excellent food and service for a decent price. Try it!

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Brunch at Hatched, Holland Village

Weekends are the times at which we tend to sleep a little longer and have brunch at our usual joints. This time round, we decided to try out Hatched at Holland Village!

Hatched is really the right and catchy name for an egg-themed restaurant. It is definitely a place for egg lovers as most of the food items on the menu consist of eggs as the main ingredient. We were mainly attracted by the novelty concept of having brunch in this restaurant with egg decor.

If you are having dinner at Hatched, be prepared to spend more in order to leave feeling satisfied. The portions of the main signature ala carte dishes like Sir Benedict is just not enough to fill a hungry stomach.

Indeed, Hatched has an interesting concept with all-day breakfast. But prices might be a little on the high side and it does get crowded on weekends. We’ve spent $50 on our Sunday brunch(without feeling full). We were expecting better quality of food for the price we are paying, quite frankly, not at this place.

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Saturday Break @ Cedele

Took a break from our soup routine and spent the Saturday night at Cedele!

This is our current favourite restaurant for a hearty meal as it’s got a wide range of healthy and tasty sandwiches, burgers and pastas to choose from. Bly was simply ecstatic when the outlet opened at The Rail Mall last year.

It’s interesting how they manage to add an Asian twist to the menus. I had this interesting Laksa spaghetti which was really yummy and addictive. It’s funny because I can’t really take very spicy stuff but¬†I just love laksas and curries.

And here’s Bly ham and cheese burger. Looks delicious isn’t it?

Bly simply cheers in agreement!

Of course, since we are soup lovers, can’t possibly miss¬†out on them¬†during our dine-out dinners as well.¬†We tried Cedele’s beef stew this time. Perhaps this is not really considered a soup, but yes we enjoyed¬†all the ingredients packed in this flavourful bowl.¬†The beef cubes¬†were cooked just nice. Real¬†tender and juicy.

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