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Beef Stew

Beef Stew

Bly wrote down the recipe in our little cookbook and I followed according to each and every step. This is definitely a recipe that’s full of flavour and easy to cook.

Beef is one of our favourite red meat and we use them to cook bulgogi or spaghetti with ground beef (Or mould them into meatballs).

Beef requires much more attention and handling to make sure the meat is cooked to the right tenderness. Definitely chicken and pork are much easier to handle from this perspective.

For our beef stew, we are using tomato puree as a base for the soup instead of beef stock. The sweet and sour tomato puree creates a layered texture as it acts as a contrast to the sweetness of the beef cubes. You just feel like continuing the soup journey to taste what are the other flavours present in the beef stew.

We used extremely lean beef for this beef stew as we want to cut down the fats in our diet. After cooking for 2 hours, our lean beef meat became rock hard cubes. At this stage, you have to persevere and continue to keep it cooking under low heat for another 4-6 hours. It is only after this long process where the collagen in the beef breaks down and you will achieve tenderized juicy beef cubes!

Here’s the recipe! Simply delicious!

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Roasted Celery Soup

Our first experiment on roasting vegetables. Well, celery is definitely not one of our favourite veggies. But due to its great deal of health rewards owing to the abilities to reduce danger of cancer, stroke, cardiac disease, diabetes and so on, we’re willing to give it a shot. We’ve prepared the soup yesterday night and kept it refrigerated. Will heat it up for our dinner this evening with a swirl of cream .

A simple and inexpensive comfort soup for wellness.

Ingredients: Roasted celery, carrot, baby tomatoes, onion, garlic, thyme, pepper, thickening cream.

Roasting is definitely our best bet for celery. We added caramelised celery bits to the soup as they taste juicy and refreshingly sweet. 

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