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Soupery, Four Seasons, Sunny Choice

We read about “Soupery” in a magazine recently and decided to make the trip down to taste their healthy soups on a lazy Sunday.


Great World City (Food Court), #B1-16/17

Wild mushroom soup ($6.90)

Guinness Beef Stew ($6.90)

If you like your soup to be light and creamless, you’ll probably enjoy the soup here. We prefer slightly thicker beef stew and creamier mushroom soup. We thought it would be a little better if they could be more generous with the beef cubes (We only managed to scoop 5 tiny bits from the bowl of soup).

Four Seasons Organic Market

Great World City #B2-06/07

A great hunting ground for organic lovers!

Organic supplements, organic condiments, organic tibits, organic bread and everything organic!

Organic Baby Food

Organic Frozen Food

Organic Fruits and Veg

Bly just love the beautiful murals in Great World City’s toilets.


It was World Vegetarian Day on 1st Oct, we started our meatless day at a nearby vegetarian cafe. 🙂

Sunny Choice

The Rail Mall, 434 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Hoe with thunder tea rice

Bly’s bibimbap

Sunny Choice is a nice place for a quick satisfying meat-free meal. Their food is not super stimulating for taste buds but you’ll definitely rejoice in the nourishing and guilt free dishes (Like home-cooking). We’ve also tried the hakka yam abacus, bak kut teh, tahu goreng and pumpkin soup (Quite yummy and we like the way they present their food.

End off with our home made smiley organic potato salad with melted cheese!

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Cream of Portobello

We hosted Bly’s friends for dinner and wow….they finished all the food!


We were cracking our brains to see what else we can cook for them as we don’t want them to go home feeling hungry after having dinner at our place.

Today we made them a dedicated mushroom soup: cream of Portobello. As the name reveals, we only included portobello mushrooms to have the distinct earthly mushroom flavour. To our surprise, we did not find the mushroom base that much different from the previous mushroom soup (except for the garlic specialty of course) that we made.Hence we think it’s much better to have a mixture of mushrooms(willows, shiitake, portobellos etc) which will be cheaper to make yet still have the similar taste.

Ingredients: Portobello mushrooms, cream, flour, thyme, onions, garlic, milk, salt, pepper.

Flour thickens the soup to basically create a thick texture commonly found in Western soup. It does not enhance any flavour, be careful when you are adding this as just a teaspoon or 2 is typically enough for soup fit for 4 persons. Too much flour and your soup ends up cakey and powdery.

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